Terms and Conditions for Hire, Erecting and Dismantling of Scaffold

Terms “definitions”

“Hirer” Customer directly purchasing the service of ISCAFF (Wilts) Ltd
“Quotation” Document prepared for “Hirer” detailing cost, duration “Site” information
“Site” Location in which the scaffolding will be erected
“Normal Working Hours” Monday- Friday 8am – 5pm
“Hire Period” Duration of contract outlined in the “Quotation”
“Off Hire” end of the “Hire Period”

1. An ISCAFF “Quotation” price is firm for 16 weeks subject to acceptance within 60 days by the “Hirer”. The “Hire Period” is subject to materials and labour at the time of acceptance in writing by the “Hirer”

2. The scaffold is to be used for the purpose described in the “Quotation”

3. Payment for ISCAFF services is to be received before removal of Scaffolding, 3 days before the end of the “Hire Period” detailed in the “Quotation”. For existing account customers with historic trading, payment is required within thirty days of the invoice date. Payment terms are detailed in the “Quotation” and are accepted by the “Hirer” upon acceptance of the “Quotation”
4. The “Hirer” will ensure all necessary permissions have been obtained from the Local Authority that any necessary Building Notices have been submitted in accordance with regulations and that we have been informed of this in writing before commencement of any works. This includes any necessary road closure.

5. ISCAFF Ltd does not accept responsibility for damage that may occur to cultivated land or ornamental static property. Any such land or property will be noted in the “Quotation” and ISCAFF Ltd will take reasonable care and due diligence.

6. The “Quotation” is subject to the measurements taken at initial “Site” survey by ISCAFF Ltd any subsequent changes to the original “Quotation” will therefore be subject to a further “Site” inspection and measurement.

7. The “Quotation” is based upon the assumption that work will be within “Normal Working Hours”. Any work required outside of these hours will be additionally invoiced to the “Hirer”.

8. The “Hirer” is responsible for arranging suitable access for the delivery and erection of ISCAFF equipment, enabling the material to be offloaded and re-loaded within 10 meters of the “Site”. The “Quotation” will include any restrictions and limitations in respect of the “Site” access.

9. All ISCAFF Ltd equipment is erected and maintained to current Health and Safety legislation standards. ISCAFF Ltd are up to date with current legislation and will provide services to the highest quality standards by upholding the accreditation ISO9001.

10. ISCAFF Ltd use a scaffolding safety inspection tag process which is signed off by a qualified and competent member of staff. This will be maintained as appropriate during the “Hire Period”

11. All materials used within the “Hire Period” remain the property of ISCAFF Ltd. In the event of default of payment by the “Hirer” during the “Hire Period”, ISCAFF Ltd will as far as they lawfully can, resume possession of the materials.

12. The “Hirer” will ensure the security of the scaffold “Site” at all times preventing unauthorised access to materials. The “Hirer” is liable for any theft or damage of ISCAFF Ltd property left on “Site” for the duration of the “Hire Period”

13. The “Hirer” and ISCAFF Ltd respectively shall effect and keep inforce during the “Hire Period”, relevant insurance policies for adequate amounts for the respective liabilities. Proof of ISCAFF Ltd insurance is available upon request. The “Hirer” must allow ISCAFF Ltd copies of insurance details upon request.

14. The “Hirer” is required to remove satellite dishes and signal equipment from the “Site” before ISCAFF can commence erection of the scaffolding. ISCAFF Ltd will not be held responsible for any re-alignment of any satellite dish, signal interruption or dish movement through the “Hire Period”

15. The “Hirer” is to ensure that ISCAFF Ltd are provided with a firm and level base at the “Site” for the erection of scaffold which will not settle under the self-weight plus the design loads imposed. The base will extend at least 300mm outside the scaffold and any exceptions and extras over and above the normal considerations will be noted in the “Quotation” and costed accordingly.

16. Any alterations to the agreed “Quotation” by the “Hirer” shall be charged separately to the “Quotation” after the “Hire Period”. Any alterations to the agreed “Quotation” by ISCAFF Ltd will communicate to the “Hirer”. Should the “Hirer” be unavailable, ISCAFF Ltd will not delay the erection of scaffolding and reserves the right to proceed with changes if they believe they are within the perimeters of the “Quotation”

17. The “Hirer” will ensure that the roof safely supports the weight of the scaffold structure and the imposed load designed by ISCAFF. We regretfully cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by or arising from inadequate and fragile roof structures, although every possible care will be taken.

18. The “Hirer” must obtain permission from ISCAFF to fix additional items such as protective sheeting & debris netting, to the scaffolding. ISCAFF reserves the right to charge the “Hirer” for any unauthorised tampering with equipment including that of a third party.

19. ISCAFF will thoroughly check and inspect the scaffolding once erected to ensure it meets the relevant health and safety requirements and terms laid out in the “Quotation” a signed handover certificate will be issued to the “Hirer”.

20. “Off hired” scaffolds will be removed as soon as possible within the scheduling of the day to day business, ISCAFF Ltd do not accept any responsibility for delays incurred in works during this period.

21. The “Hirer” shall use the scaffolding at their own risk and in all respects shall be responsible for and indemnify ISCAFF against all claims, damages and costs. Where due the negligence of ISCAFF the latter shall be responsible for and indemnify “Hirer” against such claims, damages and costs, provided that it shall be a condition precedent to ISCAFF bearing responsibility therefore that the “Hirer” gives written notice to ISCAFF within seven days specifying the said damage and allow ISCAFF to inspect said damage before any claim can be considered.

22. The “Hire Period” stated in the “Quotation” denotes the minimum length of the contract. ISCAFF do not offer refunds for early dismantle unless this is mutually agreed between ISCAFF and the “Hirer”. ISCAFF reserve the right to decide the instances that are considered mutually agreeable.

23. Should the “Hire Period” stated in the “Quotation” be exceeded, the “Hirer” is liable for over hire charges @ 7% of total scaffold costs per week, until point of “Off Hire”. This includes but is not limited to, delays in use of scaffolding directly controlled by “Hirer” or a third party and “Site” access issues.

24. The “Hirer” is responsible for giving seven – days’ notice of acceptance of “Quotation” and erecting of scaffolding for ISCAFF to obtain the necessary permissions from the relevant highways department when erecting scaffolding on public pavements or land, also fixing and maintenance of any lights needed during darkness and the provision and siting of any baulking, barriers, signage and any other item of plant or equipment necessary for the safe control of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

25. If completion of the works specified in the “Quotation” herein be delayed;

a. By force majeure or
b. By reason of any inclement weather, or
c. By reason of loss or damage by fire, or
d. By reason of civil commotion, local combination of work men, strike action or lockout, effecting any of the trades employed upon work, or
e. By delay on the part of the “Hirer” or any contractors of tradesmen engaged by the “Hirer” in executing work not forming part of the “Quotation”
f. Or by an inability beyond the control of the owners to secure such labour and materials as may be essential to the proper carrying out of the works.
There shall be upon the happening of any such event a fair and reasonable time for completion of the works granted to the “Hirer”. If after such extension ISCAFF is unable to complete the said works outlined in the “Quotation” by reason of the matters referred to in sub clause hereof ISCAFF shall be at liberty to terminate this contract and they shall be paid by the “Hirer” on a quantum meriut basis.

26. Cancellation of jobs may be made by phoning ISCAFF on 01380 726999, we regret that non notification of cancellation will incur a cancellation fee, technician hours, travelling and time on “Site”. Each fee will vary according to distance travelled and specification of job as detailed in the “Quotation”.

27. By accepting the quote and proceeding with scaffolding erection, the “Hirer” accepts all the terms listed above and agrees to abide by these terms.